*Awaken the Natural Leader in your child in 5 Days*

“You can achieve anything you put your MIND to, once you understand Mind Power” – John Kehoe

Attention Parents!


Do you want your children to not only succeed in their studies but build a successful career with the right nurturing leading to a fulfilling life?

Do you want your children to learn the SECRET and SKILLS that can help them achieve goals with more clarity and direction?

If your answer to the above questions is YES, then you need to check out how we help and guide Parents, Caregivers, and Educators to tap into the infinite potential of children through them the SECRET by awakening their “Mind Power. 

Studies have proven that only 5% of people achieve success and prosperity by using their Mind Power.  Others keep struggling more than needed.

 My name is Sukhvinder Multani. I am an Educationist, Author, and a Mind Power Coach.  After working with Parents, Educator, and Children for over a decade, I have found that the role of Parents and Educators is of extreme importance in helping and guiding children in the right direction with the right tools and techniques toward not only becoming natural leaders but achieving success by using the secret formula that I have tried, tested and been researching over the years. 

During my journey as an Educator, I have helped and supported numerous Parents and Educators in understanding and guiding their children in achieving their goals by using this secret formula which has literally transformed their lives in several ways.

This prompted me to design a course called “Mind Power Formula” (MPF) where Parents are guided to teach children how to use Mind Power from an early age which will help them tap their potential and become confident individuals and transform every aspect of their lives. 

Mind Power Formula is a practical learning course for children who wants to maximize their potential and take charge of their own destiny.

The 5 Day session will be streamed live and I shall share few success stories. This course offers practical insights.

How will your child benefit from this course?

  1.   Become a Super Achiever.
  2. Enjoy a healthy and energetic lifestyle.
  3. Improved Inter-Personal Relationships.
  4. Increase creativity.
  5. Develop healthy habits.
  6. Boost self-confidence and self-esteem.
  7. Become Mindful.
  8. Improve Decision Making.
  9. Learn to handle emotions and challenges

Here is what you will learn in 5 days

🟠 Day 1  Awareness and tapping into Mind Power.

    (What is it? Why tap? How to tap ?)

🟠 Day 2  Mind Power Tools & Techniques for success.

🟠 Day 3  Growth Mindset and Leadership skills (handle challenges & Emotions).

🟠 Day 4  Mind Power and setting Goals. Preparing a Vision for the future

🟠 Day 5  Developing a Prosperity Mindset in children

The best part, I plan on charging a minimal fee of Rs 499/for the first 50 registrations for the 5-day session (1.1/2 hours per day). Besides, you will also get valuable *Bonuses* worth Rs 21,000/FREE.

Later the registration price will be increased to 999/- 

Following bonuses are FREE for children;

🎁Bonus 1 Goal Setting & Vision Board templates valued at Rs 3000/

🎁Bonus 2 Visualization of Goals technique with guided meditation (Audio) valued at Rs 3000/

🎁Bonus 3. Creative writing skills  Mastery (Tips) valued at Rs 9999/

🎁Bonus 4.Students Portfolio Template valued at Rs 5000/


How can you access the training?

Just click the button below and book your spot, you will be asked to join an Exclusive WhatsApp Group where details will be provided and training will take place.

Meet your coach Sukhvinder Multani

Her own journey of trauma, stress, depression anxiety, panic attacks over a period of time led her on this quest to find solutions from her everyday insecurities and a result, today she has become much aware of the root cause of her issues which challenged her to live a stress-free life. 


In this search to find peace, she studied, researched, and followed some of the most effective therapies of holistic healing which made a great impact on her to the extent that she embraced these therapies into her lifestyle and now she is on a mission to help people come out of such traumatic situations and live a stress-free life.


Her quest to delve deeper into the power of “Subconscious Mind”  and the subsequent results she witnessed in her own healing by changing redundant belief patterns over a period of time encouraged her to combine mind power in her healing modalities. This research into understanding and tapping into the power of the subconscious has harnessed her healing sessions and counseling techniques in a manner with astounding results towards transforming individuals.  As a Graphologist, She also uses Graphotheraphy to understand the subconscious patterns of an individual in transforming personality traits by suggesting corrections in the Handwriting.


She has studied and incorporated a variety of healing modalities (from reiki therapy to Crystal, meditations, and Graphotherapy), each of which has led her to believe that healing comes from within. 

Sukhwinder Multani

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