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About Sukhvinder Multani

Sukhvinder is an energy healer and a Mindpower Coach. She uses a wide range of modalities such as reiki, crystal, and graphotherapy to treat ailments and issues on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. 


Having been fascinated by the realm of the human MIND she has studied and researched into depths of the human mind and its miracles only to get enlightened of the fact that our minds have immense powers beyond imagination and can be used to our advantage by following certain tools and techniques. The quality of thoughts that originates in our minds are extremely powerful and can be used for healing, achieving success, abundance, and much more.  Hence, her mission is to guide people of the immense benefits of mind power towards holistic healing of the Mind, Body, Spirit. Besides she strives to help people overcome challenges, discard negative behavioral patterns, and emotional imbalances to grow exponentially in personal and professional life thereby finding purpose and meaning.


Sukhwinder Multani

Her own journey of trauma, stress, depression anxiety, panic attacks over a period of time led her on this quest to find solutions from her everyday insecurities and a result, today she has become much aware of the root cause of her issues which challenged her to live a stress-free life. 


In this search to find peace, she studied, researched, and followed some of the most effective therapies of holistic healing which made a great impact on her to the extent that she embraced these therapies into her lifestyle and now she is on a mission to help people come out of such traumatic situations and live a stress-free life.


Her quest to delve deeper into the power of “Subconscious Mind”  and the subsequent results she witnessed in her own healing by changing redundant belief patterns over a period of time encouraged her to combine mind power in her healing modalities. This research into understanding and tapping into the power of the subconscious has harnessed her healing sessions and counseling techniques in a manner with astounding results towards transforming individuals.  As a Graphologist, She also uses Graphotheraphy to understand the subconscious patterns of an individual in transforming personality traits by suggesting corrections in the Handwriting.


She has studied and incorporated a variety of healing modalities (from reiki therapy to Crystal, meditations, and Graphotherapy), each of which has led her to believe that healing comes from within. 

About Soulpetalsacademy :


Soul Petals Academy was started with the aim to help individuals in their healing and  Personal Transformation journey. The academy  aims at providing solutions to the following issues ;

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional/Psychological
  3. Spiritual
  4. Shifting subconscious patterns


If you are ready to wake up and claim the life you want to lead, it’s time to master the human experience through our therapies and teachings. Our healing techniques and courses will give you the much-needed tools and techniques to transform your inner self and create your destiny.

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