Mind Power Masterclass

Rewire Subconscious for Self Healing & Personal Manifestation.
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What will you learn?

  • Miracle Mind  Mastery is a powerful mind power training program. The program will help you remove old belief patterns, which are responsible for getting stuck in life,  using powerful mind tools. 
  • Detailed explanation of how the Mind Works, Types of Minds, Differences and  Powers of the Mind
  • Reprogramme your mind, thoughts, and emotions and redesign your life the way you want. The greatest power is the subconscious mind, if we can develop into the untapped resources of this hidden treasure, we can manifest our desires and goals. 
  • How to channelize your thoughts to attract your desired goals. Thoughts are mental energy the mind consists of thought forms both positive and negative which creates the circumstances of our lives. How to break negative thought patterns and instill empowering thought patterns. 
  • The universe operates on the law of attractions. We attract not only what we desire; but more importantly, we attract based on the content of our thoughts. Therefore, we need to create a match between what we desire in life and the thoughts or vibrational energy we choose to attract those desires.
  • Tools and techniques which will be helpful to tap the potential of your mind power.
  • How to use mind power for holistic healing and to achieve financial wellness.
  • Designing your Life in alignment with Your Core Purpose
  • How to Set Balanced and SMART Goals in all areas of your life 
  • Mind Programming Techniques such as Relaxation, Visualization & Auto-Suggestions / Affirmations, Mind Movies, Vision Board.
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques for rewiring your brain and for removing emotional blockages and negative patterns that stop us from achieving our goals.
  • Enhance your Emotional and Spiritual Quotien


Mindpower training is invaluable but learning how to use the power of the mind is given very little attention by most people.  Most of us were never encouraged to let our minds play with the infinite possibilities available for every situation at every moment. We take you through a series of mind power training sessions which include, Self Hypnosis, Visualization, Auto Suggestion to train your mind to use the infinite but unlocked power source within yourself.