Reiki Energy Healing Course

Become a certified traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner/ Instructor
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What will you learn?

  • Learn how to use Reiki for personal healing and growth in all areas of life.
  • Learn how to visualize the locations of the meridian and chakra energy systems in the body.
  • Align yourself with the 5 Reiki principles
  • Learn how to perform complete Reiki sessions on yourself and others
  • Learn to give Reiki as a distant healing technique.
  • Heal unwanted patterns and learn how to manifest your goals.
  • How to scan yourself and others to feel for energy disturbances
  • Learn how to activate powerful Reiki symbols.
  • Understand how crystals can help enhance Reiki healing
  • Practice using the Reiki symbols for power, release, transcending time/space, and connecting with your inner self.
  • You will learn and experience the benefits of regular meditation
  • Learn how to administer all attunements to students.

Course Structure

1.Reiki Level- 1

2. Reiki Level-2

3. Reiki Level 3 & Master Teacher